24th International AIDS Conference Edutainment (re-engaging and follow the science)” Cementing the message through entertainment.

Our Hope Community Based Organization/NGO is delighted to partner with IAS – the International AIDS Society after the acceptance announcement of our entertainment as an AIDS 2022 Affiliated Independent Event at the 24th International AIDS Conference in Montreal, Canada for both virtual and in attendance from 29 July to 2 August 2022.

Event entertainment is an AIDS 2022 Affiliated Independent event aimed at informing stakeholders that not only relieving stress and make people enjoy dancing and laughing, entertainment is as well used to pass messages and information about HIV prevention care and support while promoting demand creation for HIV care services for specifically adolescents and young people contributing to healing of psychological, emotional and social stress hence positively confronting challenges that would affect HIV service uptake among Adolescents and young people

It’s expected that Our Hope Community based Organization/NGO will entertain participants throughout the conference.
It’s also expected that entertainment will be drama and dance while delivering HIV/AIDS messages and demonstrating current HIV/AIDS challenges.
Our Hope Community Based Organization/NGO will be in-charge and organize the event to provide entertainment after conference hours to participants.
It’s also envisaged that various HIV implementing partners/ Organizations will adopt entertainment as an avenue or approach for demand creation for HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health Services.
Our Hope Community Based organization/NGO will also provide a chance for participants to learn how cultural and traditional practices are key in contributing to a sustained HIV/AIDS service intervention.

Location and contact (Estimate 200m from conference center)

The event will be held at Hotel Monville, Tel: +1514 379-2006 ext.5544 / +1 514-379-2005, Address: 1041 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, QC H2Z 1M7, Canada.
Date and Time (Subject to adjustment/change)

29th July - 2022. Time: - 7:00 Pm – 9:30 Pm
A moment to be part of the 24th International AIDS conference 2022 as Affiliated Independent Event.

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